The Ashley Morgan Law Firm is focused on the representation of persons charged with DWI or other crimes in San Antonio. We deliver the highest, possible legal services, and are determined to use our experience, knowledge of the law, and strategic approach in fighting for you!

Ashley Morgan - San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney

I am highly educated but more importantly for you, I am highly experienced! With hundreds of misdemeanor DWI trials under my belt, I am a fierce attorney and my ability to communicate to juries is one of my strengths. I believe that an attorney client relationship should be just that: a relationship. Having been more than just a student and then an attorney, I have the ability to empathize with my clients, which is often overlooked by attorneys rushing to get a case disposed. I will work hard to prepare a powerful and winning defense for you.

As a former prosecutor, I have a valued insight into how the other side thinks and prepares your case. Most importantly, I know how to evaluate your case, which helps during my negotiations with the State and my preparations for your trial. My firm is dedicated to a detailed and strategic approach for you including obtaining copies of reports and videos, investigating the site, a background investigation of the officer, an extensive review of Texas Code and Case Law and anything else we need to fight and win for you, including having your case dismissed on a technicality.
I am known for my aggressive approach which has served my clients well over the years.

Jodi Soyars - Of Counsel

Jodi Soyars is a San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney that has provided superior criminal defense services to clients in federal and state courts.