I must say, in the worst situation I have ever found myself in, I am so grateful for Ashley Morgan and her legal team. From day one, there was never any judging, or insincerity of any kind. Just kindness, and a passion to do what was right. They walked with me, not ahead or behind, every step of the way through our legal journey. Their swift and decisive execution of the law had the prosecution on their heels every time we appeared in court. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my case, and the amazing service and council from the entire team at The Law Office of Ashley Morgan. I cannot thank them enough.

– J.M.C. 



I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to be present at the meeting yesterday. I was able to get clarification/explanation for many questions that I had in order to get a better understanding of son’s case.

Thank you for your continued help.



When I was arrested for a DWI, I was nervous and unsure about how my future would play out.  I had originally planned to go with a court appointed attorney, but after contacting his office, it became apparent that I was just another number who was just expected to show up to court and go through the process of sentencing.

One day I checked the mail and saw a brochure for Ashley Morgan’s office.  After reading it in its entirety, I knew that she was going to be the one to represent me because she had gone through the same process herself.  I felt that she was genuinely invested in her clients and I was convinced that I would find no one better.

After meeting with her and her staff, I felt at ease about my situation and left the office confident about my case.

The staff of the Law Office of Ashley Morgan is friendly, confident, and very professional.  My case ended up getting dismissed and I have no doubt it was all contributed to their extensive experience and planning on my behalf.  Words cannot describe how satisfied I am with the representation I had with them.

-Luis Villanueva