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Driving Under The Influence

Gathering all the facts in your case requires extensive detailed analysis including everything from your medical history, obtaining copies of your video and police report , an extensive review of the Texas Transportation Code and case law and a background investigation on the arresting officer. I use every tool at my disposal, and can sometimes get your case dismissed.

Driving While Intoxicated

The key to fighting your DWI is gathering all the facts. We start with an hour- long free consultation. I’ll examine your medical history, your car, the officer involved, I’ll obtain copies of the video and police report, and much more, I leave no stone unturned and I use EVERY tool available for the people I represent.

Intoxication Assault

I start with what is usually an hour-long free, confidential consultation. At this time I gather information on everything from your medical history, your police report and video, and a background investigation of the arresting officer. As a former prosecutor I have valuable insight on how the other side works and I know how to strategize in your best interest.

Intoxication Manslauter

I will use every tool available to begin building your case. As a former prosecutor, I know how to prepare. Your free consultation which takes about an hour is where I gather information about everything from your medical history to your police report and video. I will be thoroughly prepared to fight for you.

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